Wednesday, 1 April 2020

TV channel disappears.

Yeti Footprint Found on Moon*.

Lest we forget, it was Galileo who discovered craters and mountains on that body and it was he whose last words were that the earth moves, that it goes around the sun. Fake news of course! He must be joking. Throw him in the clink.

The EU's recent 'edict' (source: EU Observer) abolishing April Fool's Day 'fake news' items and mentioning, in the same breath, the word 'Russia' appears to have had an unfortunate  consequence.

Or maybe it's a strange coincidence.

   Dear Frau Von der Leyen, in times like the present we need something to laugh at. Your predecessor the joker clearly understood that.

You apparently not? That's a question.

Following your April Fool 'edict' I appear to  have a problem. The channel RT - Russia Today - now shows me a blank screen.

Fortunately I still have Al Jazeera.

But how long before it too is gone?

An Al Jazeera news item this morning said China's early under reporting is responsible for the pandemic. Can that be allowed EU?

Who decides these things Mrs VdL?

Don't panic: Yeti Footprint Found on Moon 
is a Zen My Ass April 1st Fake News Joke!

Alternative sources of news are essential to the understanding the world of today. I object to being told which news channels I may watch and not watch. I like to flick through Al Jazeera, CNN, Bloomberg TV, Euronews, BBC World and even the Chinese channel I'm still allowed to watch (for the time being). The TV has hundreds of channels. Most in German and most of them uninteresting. 

The truth shall set you free. Although maybe not immediately. It was 350 years after his death that Galileo was granted a pardon by those who imprisoned him in his house for 32 years. 


  1. Agree with you. I have given up on newspapers now since seeing the behaviour and downright ignorant questions of the press at the UK Prime Ministers briefings. They display inability to listen, comprehend, or want to comprehend anything but their own agendas, and if these are the people writing in the newspapers, all newspapers, doesn't matter which one. then I don't want any more part of them. Same goes for the News channel representatives, also the same display of ignorance. I can still get RT and I also flick through many news channels as you do and I also follow the underground press on line. It is very useful at the moment. I could go on but I won't.

    1. Thanks Rachel. What is going on is beyond the pale. Mrs G turns the news off. She cannot stand the lies anymore. By the way I've rewritten the first and last paragraph to give a little historical perspective.

    2. I only listen to the News Briefings to hear it for myself and then to decide on it for myself. The press are continuing to insist in comparing statistics from one country with those of another when they have no understanding whatsoever of how different countries are using different collection methods and inclusions in the figures. This infuriates me.

      I note your rewritten paragraphs. Galileo had to always factor into his work the reaction of the Pope and the Catholic Church.

    3. The press are falling down on the job. I only look at the Johns Hopkins figures and take them at face value keeping in mind that every country has different ways of counting, The Saudi Arabia Al Arabiya for example says Iran has 15,000 corona deaths and Iran says it has 3,000. There's a lot of politics and comparisons are odious.

  2. I no longer listen to the News Briefings because I don't like the way they are conducted and they seem to me to go over the same ground again and again. Maybe none of the governments are telling the truth - how will we ever know. I just try to rise above it all and keep my distance.

    1. Hungary 20 deaths. Pop. 10 million
      Belgium 828 deaths. Pop. 11 million

      Sometimes we need to look around the corners

    2. The Briefings themselves are ok Weave. You can sift the information for yourself. It is the Press questions that go over and over the same ground and show they don't listen to what has been said.

  3. I try not to watch the news. I would rather be outside in the garden or polytunnel. Did I tell you we have a polytunnel Gwil?😊

    1. Hi Dave, I think you might have mentioned your polytunnels. I hope they’re not painful.
      By the way our leader Dame Van der Leyen has taken to the internet to warns us not to drink bleach. As a fellow EU resident I thought it my duty to pass on this important information from our leader.


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