Tuesday, 28 March 2017

To see the things

in the present moment 

is to see all that is now,

all that has been since time began, 

and all that shall be unto the world's end;

for all things are of 

one kind and one form

The author of the above words the Roman emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius was killed by a mosquito. 

To gain enlightenment

you must want it 

as much as a man whose head 

is held under water 

wants air 


Sunday, 26 March 2017

Adonis and Pulsatilla

Today's creation, to celebrate the clocks going forward, is a poem of three words: 






Summer Time. I enjoy the lie-in. This morning I was up at seven instead of six. 

Here are more photos taken on the training run by the Neusiedlersee on the last day of winter time. I selected this particular area in order to see the flowers and the birds and to stock-up on my pesticide-free red wine!  

Friday, 24 March 2017

22nd March

Heinrich Maier died on the 22nd March 1945.

Heinrich Maier (1908 -1945)

The 22nd March.

Terrorist attacks.




Heinrich Maier was a priest.

He was a man of peace.

He lived in Austria.

He was a Doctor of Philosophy.

A Doctor of Theology.

And a teacher.

He was a patriot.

He joined the resistance in 1940.

He was betrayed in 1944.

He was arrested by the Gestapo.

He was tried and convicted.

He was guillotined.

But not silenced.  

His last words are written below.


He ascended into Heaven

on 22nd day

of March


"Long live Christ the King. Long live Austria"

Ancient Chinese Wisdom

There exists in the world a permanent state of war.

This is business as usual.

Tried and tested war tactics can be detected when one knows what one is looking for. Some of these are thousands of years old. And many of them are still in use today. Here are some from China.

Killing with a borrowed sword.

Creating something out of nothing.

Sacrificing plum trees to preserve peach trees.

Raising a corpse from the dead.

Removing firewood from under the pot.

Disturbing water to catch fish.

Playing dumb while remaining smart.

The beauty trap.

Exchanging the role of guest for host.

Sowing discord.

Running away.

Attacking Wei to rescue Zhao.

Resting while the enemy exhausts himself.

The empty fort strategy.

Clamouring in the East, then attacking in the West.

Observing the fires on the opposite shore.

Pretending to follow one path and taking another.

Hiding a dagger behind a smile.

Leading the sheep away.

Stomping on the grass to scare snakes.

Luring tigers out of mountains.

Replacing strong beams with rotten timbers.

Pointing at mulberry trees while cursing locusts.

Removing the enemy's ladders.

Decking the trees with false blossoms.

Inflicting self-injury.

Using chain-stratagems.

The above list is by no means complete and continues to evolve.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

"Will it never end?"

The short answer to Heute's question is: It will end when the "Mother of all Parliaments" decides it is time to cross the Rubicon. It may be that with this piece of cowardly terror at the heart of Britain that that time has finally come.