Saturday, 21 September 2019


The front cover wrap of my Sunday newspaper is completely taken up with an advert showing the 6 party leaders (think career politicians) standing in the upcoming general election which is to be held next Sunday.

The advert is for 25% off furniture, bedding, curtains and carpets. The punch line is: Others (the politicians) can only dream of this percentage.

The election was called because of a political scandal which resulted in the government coalition falling and being replaced by an independent panel of experts.  As we move nearer to the election date more scandals come to light. The latest involves the Greens (their leader is the man in the dirty green vest).

The real front page (inside) show the struggle for power in a different light. You will notice that the naked man is missing. He used to be the leader of the Greens. He now leads a party called Now.

I suppose that means now or never.

Tonight all, including the Now man, will be on TV in a live Q & A called an Elephant Round.

I imagine it's called Elephant Round because the participants have thick skins and blow their own trumpets.

Proceedings will probably begin calmly in an effort to show potential statesmanship and electability and deteriorate so that by the end they will be shouting, and on one case almost screaming,  over the top of each other.

The elephant with the most strident voice will be seen as the winner.

It won't affect the way people are going to vote.

No party will gain an overall majority.

A game of roulette involving the six colours will commence but nothing much is expected to happen until the Christmas shopping season is well underway and the public's mind is all jingle bells and good cheer and the Weltuntergang that only the six can save us all from hasn't happened  by then.

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Driverless train out of control

Something I read the other day.

It was about a driverless computer controlled train on the Paris underground which went through three stations without stopping.

One can imagine the fear the passengers must have felt.

'The Taking of Pelham 123' is today's required reading.

Much to everyone's relief carnage was avoided when the runaway train narrowly avoided colliding with another train at one stage during its out of control journey.

When it comes to the current situation in the Middle East oil fields the French leader  Emmanel M seems determined to ignore the signals.

Angela M or Jean-Claude J should stop him before his mouth runs away with him.

But he won't listen.

Not to them or anybody else.

POTUS tried and failed.

It's clearly a job for THE HULK.

Yes he can!

Thursday, 12 September 2019

On the Road with Boris . . .

Politics is all swings and roundabouts until . . . 

Of a sudden political wilderness beckons . . . 

Things ungood lurk in the shadows.

Boris, as we've come to expect, stands firm.

 Meanwhile I greet some friendly Austrians. Carpe Diem!