Friday, 29 November 2019

As Time Goes Buy?

On Black Friday, that is to say yesterday - reputedly the busiest shopping day of the year - my computer-linked Garmin Watch which I've owned and worn daily for only 8 months suddenly and for no apparent reason gave up the ghost.

Bizarre, or what?

Perhaps it's time to buy a new one?

In post-Snowden times odd goings-on in a world of electronic gadgets with so-called 'back doors' almost anything is possible.

It's a kind of magic.

Nothing should surprise us.

Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Smileys In Vino Veritas?

I drew a squiggly line.  The computer interpreted it as one of the following: 


I was invited to choose.

So I drew something else. A circle.

Now completely baffled.  It presented

me with the following:-☺️💡☔

Can computers do everything?  Given eons of time.   And clearer instructions.  Maybe they can.

Perhaps we are computers?

You and I may simply be characters in an advanced entity's computer game. Or - brains in jars - as

many earth people

have posited.

Quite often down at the pub.

In the steaming back yard urinal.

Gazing up at the moon and the stars.

Just before 'Last Orders, please!'

Thursday, 21 November 2019

Logical Lingo

German, for me, is so logical it defies reason. It's not for nothing that English speakers have difficulty with it. Mark Twain famously said that German was impossible to learn. He added that his two favourite words from the language were damit and womit (pronounced like v).

A story in which a page 3 topless model was referred to variously as die (female) das (neutral ) and sein (male) in two or three lines was for me beyond the pale, so much so that I made a drawing to illustrate the point, and to confirm to myself that I haven't so far succumbed to linguistic madness.

In the newspaper Kate, as she is called, has purchased calendars for her friends. I've changed the story as I thought her fruit trees might in a humorous way help us to remember the points.

Friday, 15 November 2019

Krems Caricature Museum - worth the smiles.

Peter Steiner, Manfred Deix and Bruno Haberzettel are three caricaturists whose works can be seen currently at the Caricature Museum in Krems. It's worth checking the railway timetables. November driving conditions are often not the best. I was glad I left the car at home. The quickest train from Vienna (Franz Josef Bhf) takes about one hour. The museum is in Stein, about 15 minutes walk from Krems Bhf.

Wednesday, 13 November 2019

The Little Blue Freebie

Useful 'freebie'?

 A neat design I think.

Who can guess what it's for?

Answer below:

You slide it over the camera hole in the top of your computer to stop your computer spying on you.

An Orwellian freebie.

It's 1984.  

Have we come that far?  According to Mr Snowden we surely have.

Winter is at the door.

Snow is on the way.

Hope you find one under your Christmas tree.

Monday, 11 November 2019

On 11 November tradition says we can cook our goose. Although we don't.

There are other things to think about on this St. Martins Day. I'm contemplating my artistic materials upstairs gathering dust. To draw or not to draw that is the question.  Perhaps a visit to the Bruno Haberzettl exhibition in the caricature museum at Krems is called for.

Are we Br'exit' or Bre'mane'?
Shurrup and eat your grass.