Friday, 24 March 2017

22nd March

Heinrich Maier died on the 22nd March 1945.

Heinrich Maier (1908 -1945)

The 22nd March.

Terrorist attacks.




Heinrich Maier was a priest.

He was a man of peace.

He lived in Austria.

He was a Doctor of Philosophy.

A Doctor of Theology.

And a teacher.

He was a patriot.

He joined the resistance in 1940.

He was betrayed in 1944.

He was arrested by the Gestapo.

He was tried and convicted.

He was guillotined.

But not silenced.  

His last words are written below.


He ascended into Heaven

on 22nd day

of March


"Long live Christ the King. Long live Austria"

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  1. I believe the sunshine and approaching Easter has given you a very deep and poetical feeling, Gwil!! The rapid movements of darkness makes it all the more important to share light and life. And the hope you bring with the story of this man, he couldn't be silenced, no. So Jesus said, that not even the stones and rocks could be silenced if ever we stopped calling on to God. It took me quite a few years to grip that reality. I like your blog, your approach keep me alert!!