Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Henderson Island: 'X' no longer marks the spot.

Palm fringed


tropical paradise.

Friday eat your heart out.

A place to die for.

Henderson Island.

A treasured spot on our blue planet.

And thriving on the golden beaches

               37 million ". . . pieces of rubbish . . . "  

to quote an official mouthpiece.

I smell a rat.

in this unsightly vomit of progress -

this voluminous regurgitation

of countless tons

of seaborne garbage.

Here is the new normal.

'X' no longer

marks the spot.

*Island in Pitcairn group.
9km. long. 27 km coastline.
Total area 36 sq km.


  1. Thought provoking Gwil. There would be nobody there to clean it up if the island was uninhabited - also no-one would see it. But the first two lines suggest such tranquility and the last two such depravity.

    1. Out of sight
      Out of mind
      So precious the blue planet
      We rubbish

  2. The crabs lived in yellow and blue and green and red condominiums of grand designs

    1. they visit museums of modern art
      and dine on fast food
      happy the crabs who like the taste of plastics and batteries

  3. Oceans of plastic - not a good thought. On the other hand, a bloomin' fantastic HM time over on your other blog. Many congratulations on a great effort. I took a minute off my 10k PB yesterday. My time 51:03, the winning time 32! Now 4 weeks to go till my first HM. I shall be channeling your superb time and hoping to match it!

    1. Great news about the PB. HM performance depends on the course, the weather and many factors. Have an easy the week before the race. Hardly any training. All the training is already done. It's time to assemble those energy reserves.