Monday, 2 December 2019

Brexit Wine Gums

"Produced in the EU outside Great Britain":

That's what's written in German on this Union Jack emblazoned  packet of Suntjens Wine Gums distributed by Suntjens Import + Export GmbH of Bruggen.

Despite all our tantrums and procrastinations someone in the EU still loves us!


  1. You can get drunk if you have too many wine gums. I always liked Midget Gems. Why could you not just purchase just the black and red ones?

    1. These days for dental reasons more of a jelly baby fan! When I was young one of my uncles used to give us kids boxes of liquorice all sorts. You can imagine how welcome he was! I couldn’t eat ‘em fast enough.

  2. WHAT???? Don't eat them; they must be poison!


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