Saturday, 14 January 2017

At the Julius Koller Ping-Pong Club

There's a great deal of material to view and muse upon at the Julius Koller One Man Anti Show at Vienna's mumok in the MQ complex.

This exhibition runs until 17th April. 

As an annual ticket holder I pop in when I'm passing, even when I've only a few minutes to spare.

Time spent in mumok is never wasted. 

With his passion for ufos, modern art, sport, and fairness I reckon Julius Koller is my kind of guy. I thoroughly enjoyed this exhibition, even though I didn't get to play ping-pong!  

To learn more about Julius Koller and why he's important, and to learn about the other exhibitions currently to be seen at mumok simply click on the link under the image below. 

"Aiming to enrich the present reality . . . "

Visit mumok website HERE


  1. It occured to me last night that the world order as it is at the moment could mean the beginning of the end of globalization,to which so many objectors to the new order object purportedly, but then they cant see beyond the end of their own noses. Koller would have set up a game of tennis and they wouldn't understand that either.

    1. Yesterday evening I watched the highlights of the first concert at the new Elbphilharmonie concert house in Hamburg on arte TV. The Angel of Merkel was there for all to worship. I didn't see any women in black.
      The game in Vienna is begging. Begging-Mafia worse than ever. 300 Vienna beggars charged by police with aggressive begging in December. They face fines of €700 or a week in jail.
      Our lords and masters have not much idea of what's going on in the real world or even when they do how to deal with it.
      In the proverbial nutshell: The world is getting smaller and the problems are getting bigger.

  2. I was thinking of doing a post on the new Hamburg concert hall, such a splendid place it looks and the location by the river and so many years in the making.
    The problems get larger as does the ignorance.

    1. As you may know the concert hall was plagued by scandals and the final cost after all the delays was something like 9 times the original estimate. When I was in Hamburg a few years ago work was stopped for 12 months I think while they figured out how to proceed. They say the acoustic is very good. The strobe lights and light effects on the outside of the building are dramatic. They won't need fireworks at new year.
      The Germans, Steinmaier especially are in a kinickers in a twist panic because Trump has said yet again that Brexit will be good for Britain and that he wants to have arms reduction talks with Russia.

    2. Yes I saw the phenominal increase in expenditure and the difficulies of construction of so much glass on top of the old factory building and the time it took to solve. However the River Elbe takes on a whole new interest for me.

      Obama reneged on his Nobel Peace prize promise of a world without nuclear weapons when the US voted no on the Ban Treaty in 2016. How.many people want to hear these things? It falls on deaf ears.

    3. I have to say how wonderful my RT app is for gaining access to real knowledge. "Watching the Hawks" is my current favourite programme.