Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Year's Eve Run part 2 . . . Buildings along the route

The Vienna State Opera Building is near the Start. 
The run is over a 5.4km circular route known as 'the Inner Ring' which is closed to traffic for the duration of the event. Runners and spectators have the opportunity to see many fine buildings along the way. This post features a handful of them:

Team Building
Natural History Museum Building
Parliament Building
City Hall Building
University Building

Building the Finish Line


  1. Lovely weather that day. I am memorising the buildings for my visit.

    1. Hope the weather is as nice for your visit as it is at the moment. Freezing fog has given way to glorious sunshine again today :)

  2. The Finish Line - surely the most welcome sight of all.

  3. I remember the buildings - visited also inside the university.
    Greetings Maria x