Sunday, 29 October 2017

Crossing the Bridge

I have nothing to say at the moment. 
- William Carlos Williams
The Great American Novel

In questo momento non ho niente da dire.
- William Carlos Williams
 Il grande romanzo americano


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    1. Thanks Rachel. The fog was lifting and the sailing boats were suddenly there. For a split second from where I was standing it was a perfect scene. I had no time to think. I just pointed so the tree obscured the white disc of the sun, and clicked. I was lucky to catch it.

    2. Often the best results are obtained this way, and can be an enjoyable surprise.

    3. You're right. I was really amazed. It's where a small automatic point and click camera comes in handy. It's a great little beast. Cost €90 in Aldi 7 or 8 years ago. Still going strong. It has an advantage over a large expensive cumbersome piece of equipment with all manner of lenses when a lucky shot is required.

  2. Great photograph Gwil. I think it would make a wonderful painting.

    1. Thanks Dave. That's a technique you see quite often in galleries. Project the image and colour it in. It's a very old technique. Dutch or Italian, I'm not sure. It could be a jigsaw puzzle. You can do the sky.