Monday, 6 November 2017

Learning to read Roald Dahl in Italian

Personggi italini is bilingual and contains 18 biographies ranging from Poppea to Anna Magnani

So far, I've worked my way through the first six chapters - just finished Amerigo Vespucci and about to start on Lucrezia Borgia. 

When I get stuck, which is often the case at this early stage, I glance at the German pages and although they are not literal translations they invariably point me in the right direction. 

And so it is that I work my way through an Italian book.

Attenti alle streghe!

My copy of Roald Dahl's Le streghe is beyond my compass at the moment. It is not a bilingual edition. 

But one fine day, before the daffodils reappear, I will certainly manage to read it. 

And on that day I will be so much the wiser and so much the wickeder.

Formula 86  e la metamorfosi! will be mine. 


You have been warned!


  1. Before the daffodils reappear would make a great title for a book or a name for a band.

    1. They are such sunny optimistic flowers and also Welsh of course ;) they have to be loved by all. Thanks Dave.

  2. Good luck! I enjoy reading in Italian!

    1. It's a lovely and beautiful language. And I'm eager to be able to do just that!