Friday, 24 November 2017

Paradiso .

Come si arriva a Paradiso, per favore?
How do I get to Paradise, please?
Wie komme ich nach Paradies, bitte?

Quanto dista fino a Paradiso?
How far is it to Paradise?
Wie weit ist es nach Paradies?


  1. This came on a very poignant day for me Gwil as a very dear old friend died yesterday. He has been very ill for a long time. He was a devout Christian and has talked for weeks about reaching such a place.

    1. Everyone's idea of Paradise is different. We live in a universe where 94% of it's secrets are hidden from us. And in fact there may even be other universes in other dimensions. Universes are constructions of consciousness, so why not? Your friend may fulfill his wish. As we all may.

      When I posted the above I was thinking of the 500 people in Egypt who were massacred and seriously wounded as they were at prayer by people of the same religion, the so-called religion of peace.

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    1. Temporarily. Normal service will be resumed asap ;)