Wednesday, 5 October 2016

catching a thought

not one thing exists

and yet the seasons come and go

and things not there we see

as through a mirror


  1. Two worlds have we; without; within;
    But all that sense can mete an span,
    Until it confirmation win
    From heart and soul, is death to man.

    Walter de la Mare from Dreams

  2. Dear Gwil, that's good to find out you haven't given up.
    "Zen my ass" -- well, well, well... I like Zen...

  3. John, thanks, not yet up to full speed but getting there ;)

    Brigitta, thanks, in reality he's an albino donkey ;)

    Rachel, thanks, I believe it's far more than "two worlds we have". We'll all arrive at our next in our time ;)

  4. I need to reflect on this one :)
    Greetings Maria x

  5. Reflect on reflection. That's a good one. Grazie!

  6. Hahaha, Gwil - I now looked up the second meaning for "ass" - I thought you mean - politely expressed - "bottom" :-)
    Query: how can one become a follower here?

  7. Hi Brigitta, I didn't think of it. I'll think about it now you've mentioned it. I'm trying to keep it simple, unlike PiR which became technically problematic.