Wednesday, 16 November 2016

president-elect collage

It's a president-elect collage and it's a work in progress. I can't make up my mind about the border. Perhaps something Mexican?

The collage features from left to right and top to bottom: the Sidney Opera House at night, the 2016 super moon, the word Triumph, a Donald Trump t-shirt, TV 'star' Niqab Nora, a Halloween Clown, the US president-elect, a bag of US money, a one dollar bill, Angela Merkel about to be sucked up by a man with a Dyson, the Stars and Stripes banner, a small oriental carpet, a grim Hillary Clinton, novelist Jack London and some of his characters, and last but not least a placard for peace - We Shall Overcomb !!!    


  1. Replies
    1. You can tell it to your hairdresser at your next weekly appointment ;)

  2. Today went over it with watery red paint. It's coming on . . .