Thursday, 17 November 2016

the last supper . . . a private affair

Broken News: Frau Merkel and Mr. Obama met officially for the final vier augen (four eyes) session, a 3 hour meal in a Berlin hotel. Just the two of them.  What did they find to talk about over the bratwurst and marillen-krapfen? How to control wars and world events? Certainly. How to deal with their bogeyman Trump? Definitely. A Nobel prize nomination for Angela? Possibly.  After all . . . Barrie himself . . .  and even Dylan . . .  so can't rule it out. 

And after the repast, during after-dinner cocktails perhaps Barrie went so far as to suggest Angela might like to visit him and his folks in Hawaii when she finally hangs up her official trouser suits for good.  

And maybe she even reciprocated. And invited her American, the so-called World's Most Powerful Man, to call on her somewhere in Deutschland when the political fall out has settled . . . perhaps wicker chair baskets on the windswept island of Sylt . . . .  the brief touching of hands from across the sea . . .  the ruddy sun sinking below the far horizon . . .  the sand blowing in their eyes . . . as it does . . .