Saturday, 24 February 2018

Luke and Dolly down at The Old Brigade Inn

The EU's financial minister Angela Merkel is threatening Poland and other countries with a turn of the financial screw if they don't toe her line.

Time:    Opening Time
Where:  The Old Brigade Inn
Who:     Luke Dover and Dolly MacSheep are seated at a corner table.

Dolly:  Is Frau Merkel the EU's finance minister?

Luke:   No. She just thinks she is. It's Junker.

Dolly:  O.

Luke:   That was a joke, Dolly.  Actually you're half right though. It is a German.

Dolly:  Who?

Luke:    G√ľnther Oettinger.  And he doesn't like Chinese.

Dolly:   I like Chinese. You can't beat a good wok I always say.

Luke:   He says they have "slit-eyes" and are "sly".

Dolly:  Why?

Luke:   I'd only be guessing. But note this, he doesn't like some EU countries. 

Dolly:  Why?

Luke:   They can't do their books. He told them to fly their flags at half-mast.

Dolly:  That's a strange thing to say. Look, here's an odd article in the paper.

Luke:   How do you mean, odd?

Dolly:  It's EU's finances for 2016. They don't make much sense.

Luke:   They never do.

Dolly:   In 2016 it cost Britain €6,000,000,000 to be a member. A lot of soldi.

Luke:   That's because better-off members have to pay more to be in.

Dolly:   But Luxembourg made a EU profit. Got more back than they paid in.

Luke:    Did you know Luxembourg is the EU's richest country by a mile?

Dolly:    Baa . . . I knew it, but I still don't get it.

Luke:    Don't worry. Most people don't get it either. 

Dolly:   And another thing.  Why is the flag blue?

Luke:    Aaaargh!


  1. This needs publication to a wider audience!!!

    1. Thanks Pat. I just checked. It has about a hundred readers so far today. See how it goes. It might be only a few compared with others but as the young Dylan Thomas once said 'It's the few that matter.'

  2. Spot on, It beats me why anyone in the UK still wants to be a member of this outfit.

    1. Some of their top 'jobs' have just been quietly amalgamated. I wonder what that's all about.

    2. In an Austrian paper I just read about Mercosur. An "area of Amazon rainforest the size of Germany to be cleared to make way for cattle and gm-corn" by 2022. In return for food dumping here they get EU stuff - mainly German cars. The secret EU-Mercosur talks behind closed doors are already in the end-phase according to sources in Holland. There was recently a rotten meat scandal in Barazil where meat was injected to with a chemical to hide the unpleasant odour. Our children could be eating this rubbish soon. Lobbyists for international meat importers have, says the article, already bribed the EU's decision makers, says the article.

  3. Just a quick thought:

    on this shell
    the crew pulls opposing oars

    __ The crew team, has a chance of winning... if only they row as a team; crew-timed. _m

    1. That's a great metaphor M. It's chaos. And the boat is pointing at the rocks.