Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Old Man Thinking

He sits at his desk

An inked pen in his bony fingers.

An old man, with his thoughts cramped by an old language. 

A language that has had its day.

A language that no longer serves its purpose. 

Wrongly ordered words and a requirement for complications mean that his thoughts need a long time to form. 

And when they are formed his cramped mind needs more time. 

Time to unravel them.  

Time to think them out. 

He is a ponderous pedant. 

Those who think they know him know him as a fixed and stubborn man.


See how he knits his brow.  

See how he waits for the verb.

The action word. 


  1. Just one view of old age Gwil (I hope!)

    1. Thanks Pat. I haven't checked if I'm I'm keeping up with you. Congratulations on your 3000th!
      It's only words. I was recently watching a film in which Donald Sutherland played an aging professor, an expert on Hemingway. And because I watched it in German I had a slightly different take on it.

  2. pedants
    ne're chance a lottery
    wind wary

    __ Or, wind might be win- ?

    1. Those who think they know him know him as a fixed and stubborn man.

      Same lottery numbers every week then?

  3. Replies
    1. The next thought will come . . . and go.

      By the way, that was some launch! SapceX with Tesla sports car, a crash dummy and a David Bowie track. It's like a Dr Who episode.