Friday, 20 April 2018

Out of the mouths of babes v. Out of the mouths of fools

This is an update to the post below, and to say a big thank you to an 11-year old Syrian boy who exposed those politicians and mainstream media people with their so-called evidence of a chemical attack in Syria, an attack which never happened, as complete fools.

This was a non-attack which led to reprisals and threats against Syria from a US-UK-France groupetto.

The truth is that the children went to the hospital where "figs and cakes" were available in an upstairs room, only to suddenly find themselves being doused in cold water in front of a man with a video camera.

Doctors confirmed the boy's version of events and said that the so-called white helmets had staged the whole thing, and that there was no chemical attack.

One particular leader, the French one, took obvious pride in his country's role in the revenge attack and claimed he had solid evidence that chemical weapons were used by the Syrian government.

Let him produce it! He will not. Or cannot.

Is he the biggest fool?  Who can say? Investigative mainstream journalism in Britain is an animal threatened with extinction.

At the time I posted the post below this only Robert Fisk of the Independent was reporting for Britain.

The few trying to bring us the truth about current events, a truth which does not fit with the globalist agenda, risk being hounded and persecuted.

Children Reporting Truth.

That's the real headline.

On the BBC App under 'Top Stories' there's been little or nothing in the past few days about this curious event that risked a world war.

People in 39 countries trust their news media more than the Brits trust theirs. (Reporters without Borders latest stats).


  1. Assad is a monster and the rebels are maniacs. Take you pick. I said all along that there was no chemical attack and our leaders should check and not be so gullible.

    1. The monster hunters and the monsters. It's like a macabre fairy tale?

      There must always a monster or a big bad wolf. Whose turn is it next?

  2. Macron and May could be nominated for the Nobel Prize. In a letter to a daily newspaper the writer the destruction of Assad's chemical weapons stores using a hundred bio-bombs resulted in no civilians being killed and no poisonous clouds being released into the Syrian air. And so he says these two are "worthy" of the prize.