Monday, 19 December 2016


   'International Cuisine' 

I read somewhere that more people are dining out these days.

I also read somewhere that 40 million Americans are on food stamps.

More than 60 years ago my mother told me to eat everything on my plate because children in Africa were starving.

They still are.

Mum made sure that I got to like spinach, turnips, cabbage, legumes and other healthy foods.

Today I'm glad to say: "Thank you mum!"

By the way, mum's 96 and eats like a horse.

Chocolates mostly!


  1. Nicely explained illustration, Gwil. I also don't drink milk for the same reasons.
    Congratulations on your mum's age and appetite!
    Greetings Maria x

    1. Ciao e' grazie!
      I sometimes have some milk in porridge but mostly I have just water. Children of my generation in Wales were given 1/3rd a pint of milk to drink during the mid-morning break every day at school. Nowadays I mostly put a drop of milk in my coffee or tea.
      Salute' G

    2. I just remembered during one of Africa's perpetual famines one of their marketing idiots came up with the idea of a special line in burgers called a McAfrica. Posters appeared everywhere and there was such an outcry they were quickly removed,

    3. Yes the absurdity! I remember once, a famous brand wanted to introduce powdered milk into Africa, to get breast-feeding mothers to bottle feed, in places where the people must walk kilometers to fetch water!

      Gwil, no accent, e = and, with accent, è = is
      Hope you don't mind me correcting you because I should be the last person doing so, seeing my English isn't any better. :) x

    4. Maria, many thanks for correcting me. I have to meet an Italian friend in the Alto Adige in January. I'm very grateful. I remember the powdered milk now you mention it.

  2. The farmer was brought up like this and always leaves a totally clean plate.
    By the way - I have donw another Quiz for Christmas - shall I send your mum one - I have her address?

    1. Hi Pat,
      It's a nice thought but unfortunately you'd better not! I was told off last time. :(

  3. I was going to write about bigger portions the other day. Bigger plate fulls as if this means better. No it is just insulting to our intelligence. Wow so much food we exclaim in awe! Are we going daft. Bigger sandwich fillings bigger Mars bars bigger everything. I clear my plate but start off with just the amount I need and that is not much. Your cartoon has it all. I don't drink milk.

    1. Rachel, It's true. I almost didn't recognize my son when he came back to the UK after a 6 month stint as a DJ with a US radio station as he had put on a massive amount of weight. He was going into these all you can eat restaurants and having the extra large growth hormone filled steaks. I'm happy to say he's back to his normal weight now.