Friday, 23 December 2016

Christmas Walk on Via Slavorum

It's definitely one of my Top 10 favourite songs of all time. I believe Ringo* composed it for his mother. It contains the the line: the road is long with many a winding turn.

The lyric could also apply to the Via Slavorum which runs from Krakau in Poland to Rome and on its long way passes through the beautiful, today white and frosty, Vienna Woods.

My Christmas walk began at the Gruss di' Gott Wirtshaus. It was a simple matter of following the signed paths and a making circular tour of Vienna's loftiest hill which is called Hermann's Kogel.

It is a short walk of 4 kms. But it's a walk to be taken slowly, like a glass of good wine, and a walk with pauses to consider and revere the good works of man and nature.

Herr Frost had been in the woods for a couple of days and nights and had painted them white. His brushstrokes were evident everywhere.

 At the side of the path a sapling decorated with carrots and balls of fat. A Christmas tree for the denizens of the woods

Herr Frost's mystical patterns adorned the sides of the path like white and silvery wallpaper.

Ice and frost thawed.  Stars fell on my head from on high.

Heavy with ice and frost branches arched. I felt I was in a white cathedral.

*The record shows The Long and Winding Road was composed by Paul. Who am I to argue? Perhaps Paul and Ringo worked on it together?


  1. I love the white cathedral. What are the natural acoustics like?

    1. I seem to recall I once used a couple of words in a piece of text. I imagine they'd define it; echoing silence.