Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Viking Longboat (detail)

This work was inspired by the Sutton Hoo escutcheon (see post below). Started last night and finished this morning. (Acrylic 300gm paper 50cm x 40cm).

Imagine the bewildered natives of Morecambe Bay seeing a Viking longboat for the first time, approaching across the waves, crammed with settlers and warriors; families with their sheep and goats, and rough looking men with horns on their heads  . . .

There are waves breaking on shore at the bottom and some other minor effects at the sides. But they are unfortunately out of shot (in this image). Many of the small black spots in the centre are now white.

An alternative title is Vision.

There's a joke they like to tell in Morecambe (or used to) and it goes like this:
  Two Vikings arrive in Morecambe. They want some information. Locals gather round. "Have you people had any rapes, pillaging or arson?" one of the Vikings asks. "No, nothing like that," the people reply. The stranger  turns to his companion, "I wonder where our brothers are . . . "

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