Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Vienna priest officiates at lingerie boutique

All in a day's work.  

Shop Early for Christmas! says Father Toni F of Vienna 

In Vienna he is known as the 'Vicar of Adabei' and he is often featured rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous in the celebrity pages of Austria's most popular daily.  In my cartoon he is shown giving his blessing to a newly opened lingerie shop in the city.

'Adabei' means basically 'we were there'.

There's a regular clique who like to be to the fore; troops of politicians, actors and artists can be seen straining their necks and champagne flutes while praying to get into the publicity photos, on an almost daily basis.

I don't know if 'Adabeiers' are seen regularly in Father Toni's church, which is the city's cathedral.

But that's another story.


  1. He can come to my Vicars and Tarts party if he likes!

    1. I'll tell him if I bump into him. Must be 'real celebrities' though, not just any old vicars and tarts.

  2. Complimenti! Your comic strip drawings are very good, Gwil. The character in the previous post looks like you...?
    Greetings Maria x

    1. Grazie!

      Mmm. When I have my hair cut short I look like my Father Toni cartoon - I have to confess. A lady told me the other evening I reminded her of Karl Lagerfeld. I think she was joking.