Sunday, 26 February 2017

A Baby Colobus and Vladimir the Orangutan

Yesterday I went to the Vienna zoo.  They say it's the oldest zoo in the world.

There was a cold and penetrating breeze and many animals wisely chose to stay indoors.

My favourite animals are the primates. Maybe we are more similar than we care to think.

Four Colobus Monkeys share an enclosure with about twenty Meerkats. Everyone appears to get on well together.

The Meerkats were outside in the morning but when I returned at midday they had gone underground. I waited a while but they didn't return. Perhaps they were sleeping.

The baby Colobus often peers over the edge of the platform or tries to climb higher.

Now and then one of the parents stretches out a protective arm and gently guides the inexperienced youngster away from potential danger.

A lady told me the Orangutang I photographed is called Vladimir.

There are four Orangutans living together. Vladimir has just filled his cup with fresh water from a tap on the wall behind him.

He sips his water slowly, taking care not to spill it.  Then he goes for a walk and a 'think'.

Lastly a look at those cold weather specialists the Humboldt Penguins who are clearly enjoying themselves.


  1. Clever creatures, orange-toranges (as we call them). Love the penguins too. How is your running going?

    1. Before they had the tap the orange ones had to make do with a barrel of water and a scoop. They'll soon be demanding other luxuries. In the old compound they had to work for a living. They used to produce contemporary paintings. Untitled of course.
      This morning I had an unhurried 10 kms in the park. Perhaps 60 mins. I never take a watch these days. It's about 30 years since I did 41 mins for the 10 km ;) . . . I was a mere youth of 40-ish.
      I liked your account of the Winchester 10km. It's a bit early in the season for me. I tend to manage to get going properly during summer and autumn.

    2. I wish we had orange toranges near here. Your run today sounded nice. M got back in 38 something or other at the race. I don't know how he does it. I'm happy with my 52 and almost-non-complaining knees! 🤗

    3. You finished strongly. That's a good omen for the Cub. Same strategy again should do the trick. Good luck with recovery and may you toe the next start line brimming with confidence.