Monday, 27 February 2017

EU Rule 165 exposed. Viva La Vanguardia!

EU Assembly and Rule 165
All of one mind? 

The Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia has published a news item about Rule 165, one of the EU's little known secrets. 

Revealed is an example of Orwellian control and deception that Josef Stalin* would have been proud of.   

I quote here from Free West Media. Please visit the link in the sidebar to read their report. The underlinings are mine. 

Under Rule 165, not made public by the Assembly but first reported by Spain's La Vanguardia unwanted material could be deleted from the audio-visual recording of the proceedings.  

Brussels lawmakers have now been granted special powers to limit live broadcasts of parliamentary debates and to remove video or audio material.

"This undermines the reliability of the Parliament's archives," said Tom Weingaertner, president of the Brussels branch of the International Press Association. 

In other words, if someone makes a controversial speech or an unsuitable comment or raises an objection or waves his country's flag or holds up a protest banner in the EU Parliament (e.g. perhaps to bring attention to an issue such as TTIP or CETA secrecy) the relevant audio-video material can now be legally expunged* from the official record by the the EU's legal department and no EU citizen will ever know what was discussed or said unless there happens to be a reporter present who is prepared to reveal the true facts; in other words an honest journalist prepared to put his career on the line.  

It's not for nothing that there's a George Orwell Square in the centre of Barcelona! 
Viva La Vanguardia! 

The EU Maze 
- easier to get in than out?

Historical reminder: The communists expunged all references to the Hitler-Stalin pact.


  1. It will, seems to me, be difficult to.know when to press stop on a live Parluamentary broadcast because you dont know what is said until he's said it. The whole thing is yet another horror of the EU.

    1. I remember they had time delay on BBC for the Tony Blair thing. I think the live broadcast will be 30 seconds or so behind, so they'll have somebody in the control box to make the screen go blank or use some other dodge.

      Horror is a good word for them. A fairground ride out of control . . .

  2. Ah yes, (man made delay) the 'friendly failures' of broadcasting.

    ... and in the Orwellian "Animal Farm," history, records, notes and signs, were rewritten by the pig control/culture, to eliminate past positives, and match the present. (negatives?)

    __ "Despots decree, compel and impose that all of their subjects
    -MUST- feel free." _m

    1. All citizens are free!*

      *And the sheep are asleep.