Saturday, 18 February 2017

My Alien Promise

I promised to show a special (to me) painting I have made of an alien and here s/he is.

Or maybe it's an it.

I cannot imagine for one second that entities visiting us from other space-time dimensions or other solar systems or galaxies have male and female carbon-based bodies full of bones, muscles and blood.

So I'll call it an it.

That they, the advanced ones, have to reproduce copies of themselves by means of sexual procreation is an absurd idea.

They can live forever. And in several locations simultaenuously. Perhaps.

It's also absurd to think that these advanced entities would be interested in following any muddled and irrational customs they might have noticed set down upon parchment or paper or stones on a smallish planet circling a yellow star on the outer edge of a moderately sized spiral galaxy. A planet rather like ours. Perhaps.

apology for angled photograph
- - this way removes reflections


  1. I like the Alien painting and I would happily have it on my wall.

  2. That's a complement indeed. Many thanks!