Thursday, 16 February 2017

Art Brut in Gugging - Part 2

This post may be read as a sequel to my introduction to the Gugging Artists (click to visit Gugging website) which is to be found on two posts in Poet-in-Residence pages:

'Art Brut in Gugging' (Nov 2009)
'Autochthonous Art'.  (Nov 2009)

Inputting the words "Art Brut" in the P-i-R search box brings them up. Or simply click on the desired title.

Car Park Mural (detail)

The following images show detail from three works by Robert Gie (1869 - 1???).

 Gie was not a Gugging artist; but some of his work, normally at home in Switzerland, is currently to be seen at the Gugging Museum near Vienna, Austria.

Three drawings which I viewed yesterday, are placed here for reasons which have to do with the Vincent Van Gogh poem you may now have read, or may be persuaded to read, on the page titled Autochthonous Art at my Poet-in-Residence blog

The poem arrived ready cooked and suffused with emissions. I published it to the memory of Vincent Van Gogh, but today under the influence of Gie's Cosmic Circulation System I am adding here a new name to click: Robert Gie.

Surely Vincent won't mind? 

Three People Suffused with Emissions
pencil and ink on tracing paper ca. 1916

Cosmic Circulation System of Emissions
pencil on cardboard ca. 1916

Distribution of Emissions by Means of a
Central Machine and Measurement Chart

pencil on tracing paper ca. 1916

Distribution of Emissions by Means of a
Central Machine and Measurement Chart

pencil on tracing paper ca. 1916 

May 'The Force' be with You! 


  1. He was in a mental hospital too.

    1. That's a common factor. But there were a few paintings by persons who were not in such hospitals. One was a spiritualist who made a prediction. I'll try and get to him sometime today.