Saturday, 2 September 2017

A Dream in which Buddha speaks

I was in an aeroplane, although I don't suppose it was really an aeroplane because the seating arrangements were different and anyway we were flying so low that we could see stones in the riverbeds, zoom under bridges, slow down and peer into garage forecourts and so on. I had the feeling some person was next to me who was complaining about the route the flight was taking and that it was not going the direct way. 

The next thing that happened was that a middle-aged film star started telling everybody about her 'interesting' life (which some of us found to be quite mundane and boring), then a spoiled child started running around shooting a water pistol at passengers (a few of us started 'applauding' him for his conduct and he became sheepish and stopped), then some people took out 'real' guns (which looked like toy guns) and the 'air-hostess' told them to put them away before they caused some damage so they did. 

We flew low over a clear riverbed and we could see the stones in the riverbed (a business type who was impatient said the stones were going faster than he was), then we saw two men washing down a white car with hosepipes (the paint came off to reveal bare dark metal underneath) and a few other things happened that I can't remember in detail but anyway you get the picture of what a lot of crazy types there were on this flight and the kind of things we saw. 

Suddenly I was standing before Buddha who was sitting there smiling. A person (don't know who) handed Buddha a small white box and Buddha opened it and inside were about 6 blue pearls. Buddha closed the box and my subconscious voice said: 

"Experience has its rewards, said Buddha, and yet there is no profiteer." 

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