Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Fake Views, not Fake News!

Via a recent news item on a German TV channel we were recently informed of a new trend regarding the publishing or more correctly none-publishing of photos of crosses on churches and mountains. 

The newscaster stated that crosses on rooftops in photos of picturesque buildings such as churches featured on wrappers of products like Greek cheese on sale in Germany were being erased, so as not to offend. 

The news programme showed a before and after photo, that is to say with and without the cross on an old church by the seashore, to make the point. 

But what really made me sit up and pay attention was the news that picture postcards on sale in Germany showing the peak of the highest mountain of Germany, the Zugspitz, were now on sale with the summit cross erased. 

Here's a photo of a summit cross on a mountain in the French Alps. It also shows an eight-pointed star. I hope nobody is offended. 

Crosses and cairns on mountain summits are great navigation points. In fact crosses are amongst the oldest of human symbols and predate all religions.

The original crosses served to mark a time and place in space.

The time is shown by the horizontal line and the place by the vertical line. When you stand next to a cross you know exactly where you are in space-time.

You are where the lines cross. Always. And everywhere. 

The question is: Now that crosses are being erased from picture postcards and food wrappers how long will it be before the real crosses are physically removed from the mountain peaks of Germany and the churches so as not to offend? 


  1. Good to see a pagan pentacle taking centre place on a four legged cross, very symbolic that is and The Wiccans must be mighty proud of that.

    1. Many thanks my Druidic friend. Incidentally I've retitled the post. We had fake news, and now we have fake views!

      The mountain I'm standing on top of is known as "La Belle Etoile" - The Beautiful Star.