Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Not the Nobel Prize

In a week that the Nobel Prize was making the headlines for the wrong reasons I was pleased to be be in the audience at several venues and also at the final evening of an Amateur International Choir Competition and Festival held in Austria.

The judging panel comprised three judges. It struck me as odd that one of the three judges whose task was to award points was a Swede, since Sweden had a choir participating in the competition.

I dismissed this early thought as mild paranoia. You've seen too many controversial Olympic and World gymnastic and ice-dancing championships on TV,  and even the Eurovision Song Contest is not without its controversial results, I told myself.

Russians. Shouldn't they look more like dangerous spies?

Indonesians. How unwarlike they are. 

Here are the friendly Croatians.  

And here some delightful Czechs

Japanese ladies had their fans.

Norwegian ladies were well conducted.

And the winner of the €2,000 first prize is . . .

I don't pretend to know the intricacies of the judging process and I am very pleased for the winners.


for some 

there will always be a tiny  but  

hanging like a shadow 

over the result.

But, as I said, it's not the Nobel Prize.


  1. How odd to have a Swedish judge when one of the choirs was Swedish Gwil.

    1. The losers took it on the chin. I spoke to some of them after the event.

  2. If Obama deserved it then Trump certainly does. I think the Sweden choir judge will have leaned over backwards to be fair to all taking part.

    1. Bertrand Russell received the Nobel Prize for Literature for his humanitarian writings, rather than Peace.

    2. I have a sneaking suspicion Trump might get through his presidency without actually starting a new war. He's a big Ronald Reagan fan. You know Reagan: "Pull down that wall, Mr Gorbachev." Obama 5 - Trump 0. Could be.

    3. I didn't know until I saw the video that Russell had been sent to jail for 7 days for something he wrote as an octogenarian.
      Incredible human.

    4. The problem with having a Swedish judge is even she 'leaned over backwards to be fair' the judgement of the other two (male judges) could have been affected in some way by her mere presence. We shall never know.