Wednesday, 9 May 2018

The daily news from the Republic . . .

 Another corner
and The Crown 
       an evening paper
thrust my way

Austrian justice system threatened with financial collapse.
Moscow military power parade commemorates victory against nazi Germany.
Iran nuclear deal. What will Trump do next?
World record at David Rockefeller auction. Private art collection sold for €545 million.
Five Austrian friends share €45 million lottery jackpot.
Germany: 800 police raid illegal immigrant network of fake security officers.
Zero tolerance for bogus asylum seekers following brutal murder.
Viennese spend €129 on average on Mother's Day presents.
France: 71st international film festival report.
Sport: Dominic Thiem on masters tournament in Madrid (tennis)
           Austrian Cup Final tonight 8:30pm.  Salzburg v. Graz  (football)
Television: Cesar Sampson "an Austrian Lewis Hamilton" reaches Eurovision final.

That's it. That's basically all you really need to know.

See how it's going?

It's all downhill from here.

Sorry I can't be more optimistic when it comes to reflecting on the mainstream daily news. That's why I have several alternative news links in the sidebar.

So it is, as Kurt Vonnegut would say if he was here in this Viennese cafe with me.



  1. I find it is best to reflect on mainstream news only after I have carried out some of my own research.

    1. You are not wrong. History, recent and past, proves time after time the 'news' generally has an agenda.

  2. It's never good news is it? Perhaps we should all stop watching it?

    1. Reporters have to pull their socks and not merely trot out the official agenda promulgated for example by a foreign secretary who was sacked from a national newspaper for writing fake news when he was a journalist. (Wikipedia). The U.K. languishes in next to last place in EU and a disreputable 40th place in the World Press Freedom List. We like to think we are holier than thou but the truth is leaning towards the opposite.

  3. Glorious photos of your run on your other blog. What fabulous countryside. And almost no people in over two hours, that's my kind of run!

    1. Normally I do see a few runners, perhaps five or six, but on this day just one. There are reputedly 9,000 kms of walking paths and trails in the Vienna Woods. Signposts are springing up like mushrooms. When I started I used to get lost . . . quite frequently. All part of the fun.