Friday, 28 April 2017

Frank Fearless Free

Britain's newspapers -  have they had their chips?  

Courage and integrity are history.  Britain's main stream media is today a mere shadow of its former self. 

The Guardian was silenced. It's computers smashed. That was the end. 

Once proud and exemplary when it came to news reporting the UK finds itself in free-fall and in a humbling 40th place, one place below the French in the Press Freedom Index. 

Norway heads the Reporters Without Borders Press Freedom List with Sweden and Finland in second and third places.

The following are taken from the 2017 Press Freedom list:

1 - Norway
2 - Sweden
3 - Finland
4 - Denmark
5 - Holland

11 - Austria
14 - Ireland
16 - Germany
19 - Australia

22 - Canada
23 - Czech Republic

39 - France

40 - United Kingdom
43 - United States of America

52 - Italy
54 - Poland

71 - Hungary

88 - Greece

91 - Israel
97 - Tunisia
99 - Lebanon

155 - Turkey*

180 - North Korea

*EU candidate country


  1. The blame lies at their own door.

  2. That is why I stopped buying newspapers. Apart from all of the depressing news, I didn't believe any of it. lol
    Briony Ostrich, that's me. Only way to stay happy.

    1. I once asked my grandfather why he read the paper, it was the Caernarvon & Denbigh Herald, religiously every week. He said: It's the obituaries. I'm just checking to see if I've died.

      Stay happy! Very.

  3. Never believe anything the papers tell you is my philosophy.

    1. That is a sound philosophy.

      Proven time and again. The most famous example to my mind being

      "Poland invade Germany!"


  4. __ Following the news events, and the later "STORIES" that surrounded the JFK assassination in 1963, I search always for congruent facts(?), yet... still wonder and *so often doubt*.

    Now, Facebook has become: "Novel News".

    1. And let's not forget his brother. The guy they picked up looked hypnotized. The girl in the polka dot dress was never traced. Come to think if it Oswald looked a blankety blank too. And his 'handler' just happened to be out of the overseas at the time according to a book I read. Very strange all round.

  5. Like I tell my friends when visiting the doctor, get a second opinion.

    1. In Turkey you can't even get Wikipedia. EU candidate supported by Gabreil and his ilk.

    2. I went for a second opinion and avoided having a surgical operation on my shoulder which I had been told was necessary. My injury was healed after ten physio sessions