Friday, 21 April 2017

Lugan on Libya - Watch, Listen and Learn!


  1. One solution does not fit all.

    1. The west's idea that democratic one man one vote is the way forward is as ridiculous as it is absurd. Tribal societies have chiefs. That is there way since immemorial and they like it that way. So when try to impose our western so-called values and ways upon them the outcome is invariably chaos and violence. Nato and its allies are are now trying to destroy Syria in the same way as we destroyed Libya.

    2. It makes me want to crawl away and live as a recluse.

    3. Today I met a very sweet young lady from Syria who has been here 3 years and she showed me her war paintings and drawings. She did not have any good things to say about the west's friend Saudi Arabia.

    4. Cologne riots by far left extremists outside AfD meeting. Some kind of emergency situation declared. Police injured. The anarchists are having a field day.