Wednesday, 14 March 2018

EINSTEIN = E = MC^2 (Part 1)

The Wien Meidling Bahnhof is, I have to say, not the bees knees at 11:30pm on a cold night. The lounge for first class and sleeper car passengers was closed. Other passengers sit in a small space adjacent an echoing and draughty corridor where you'll likely catch a chill before you catch your train. 

The place has an unwelcoming atmosphere after the crowds have gone. Maybe that's the idea. 

The only person on duty was a man in the otherwise deserted information office. He directed me to the sign of the Golden M. The only warm place open, he said.  

The burger bar was crowded but warm. I sat unnoticed in a corner for half an hour. Nobody disturbed me or asked me what I was doing there. 

Then it was back into the cold night and the tiny unheated waiting room on the station platform.  

I was more than glad when the train arrived on time from Budapest and I was able to board. I slept very well and was up in time to enjoy breakfast before arriving in Zurich and catching the connection to Bern. 

Budapest - Zurich express - relatively fast? 

Hotel lobby: Red shifted? A Bicycle with flat tyres 

Bern = Einstein Museum plus Einstein House.

My first call was the apartment in the building where Einstein lived in an apartment on the first floor. It was here that he had his annus mirabilis - the miracle year 1905 -  the year of E=MC^2.

Blue shifted? An approaching tram

 Curved space
 There is one toilet in the building and this is the way to get there from the Einstein flat. 

Two bookworms: Einstein and Me

Location of flat - 1st floor above green sign

Sign on building (then a patent office) where Einstein worked.

(To be continued)


  1. Can't wait for chapter two - and good to see a photograph of you!

    1. Hello Pat, did you know that today is Einstein's birthday, and curiously it's also the day of Stephen Hawking's departure from this world. I like to think they're now comparing notes somewhere in curved space.

  2. Nice smiling pictures of you Gwil!
    I have a picture of me with  Einstein,  taken at the Madame Tussaud Wax Museum in Vienna, which looks very realistic. 
    This morning I was reading about Asperger's Syndrome and it mentions that Einstein probably had it - now I read about Einstein in your post. Now that's coincidence.
    And another  brilliant astrophysic leaves us today: Stephen Hawking.
    Greetings Maria x

    1. Hello Maria, Hawking leaves us on Einstein's birthday. By now they'll be on their second bottle ,-) I didn't know Einstein was in our Tussaud's. I'll have to look.
      Ciao, G