Sunday, 25 March 2018

UK's Disunited Kingdom of Absurdistan: Putin will 'use World Cup like Hitler did the 1936 Olympics'

Dear Mr Bojo, 

Here's some information you should know in advance of the FIFA World Cup 2018

Volgograd is the venue for the England team's first fixtures.

Volgograd was the previously known as Stalingrad. 

It was here that the Russians defeated Hitler's Wehrmacht. 

See Operation Uranus. That's one word. It's pronounced - Ur-anus. 

The Battle of Stalingrad was the most important battle of World War  II.   

More than 20,000,000 Russians died in World War II. 

Volgograd is twinned with Coventry.  If you don't know why, look it up. It has to do with the fight against Hitler. 

In 2004 a flight from Moscow to Volgograd was blown up in mid-air.  All crew and passengers were killed. A flight to Sochi was bombed on the same day. All crew and passengers were killed. 

In 2013 a bomb exploded on a bus in Volgograd. Five people were killed and 19 wounded. 

In 2013 a bomb exploded in Volgograd Railway. 17 people killed. 

In 2013 a bomb exploded on a trolleybus in Volgograd. 15 people killed.

England's first game in Group G is against Tunisia. 

If England win Group G they will play in Rostov-On-Don. 

Rostov-On-Don was also occupied by Hitler's Wehrmacht. 

Rostov-On-Don is twinned with Glasgow. 

Should England reach the quarter finals they will play in Kazan. 

Kazan produced tanks and aeroplanes to defeat Hitler. 

Where is Kazan you say? 

I expect you have a map somewhere in your office. 

If England reach the semi finals they will play in Saint Petersburg. 

During World War II Hitler's Wehrmacht laid siege to Saint Petersburg which at that time was called Leningrad.  Hitler's siege of Leningrad lasted more than 870 days. More than 1,000,000 people (some sources say at least 2,000,000)  starved and/or froze to death.  

Are you getting the picture? 

Do you now realize how insulting your inane comments are? 

Manchester and Edinburgh are sister cities to Saint Petersburg. 

The final  match is to be played in Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium on 15th July 2018. 

Britain boycotted the Olympic Games held in that very stadium because Russia invaded Afghanistan. 

You know about Afghanistan, don't you? 

Of course you do. 

I don't mean the three Anglo-Afghan Wars of the 19th and 20th centuries. 

I mean the time we sent Prince Harry over there. 

I almost forgot to mention that Moscow was also besieged by Hitler's Wehrmacht and bombed from the air by the German Luftwaffe. 

Breaking News: 

The footballer Stan Collymore is working for the Russians.  

And also the footballer manager Jose Mourinho. 

Maybe they are Russian spies?   

What d'you reckon, Mr BoJo? 

ps - As you won't be going to the World Cup please return your ticket to FIFA so that somebody else can use it. Or better still, donate it to a worthy cause. Reporters Without Borders, perhaps?  Or give it to me? 

pps - If you give me your match ticket I'll give you my Panini Russia 2018 Sticker Album and 6 stickers to start you off. I can't say fairer than that, can I?


  1. Oh dear Gwil - and this is the World we have to live in - ee have no choice.

    1. We can only laugh at them Pat.

      Do they still have Spittin' Image on TV in the UK? It used to be my favourite programme.

    2. No they don't. However, we don't need it as the antics of the government are so like Spitting Image as to render the programme unnecessary!

    3. At least the Spitting Image hysteria was funny.

      We appear to have a parliament without qualities.

  2. The politicians are getting it all wrong all the time.

    1. Some are getting it more wrong than others.

      There was an interesting recorded interview on radio just now with Aharon Appelfeld who died a few weeks ago. On YouTube there's another interview with him by Shachaf Dekel. It's about 34 minutes long and I think you'd find it interesting. He talks a lot about art. e.g.
      "Art is a substitute for organized religious faith."

  3. Well researched Gwil. I don't think I would go there, would you?

    1. I won't hesitate to go there if Boris gives me his ticket. Are you joking when you say you wouldn't go there? Rachel, only a few months ago, travelled from one end of Russia to other other on the Trans-Siberian Express, stopping off at various places for a look see.

  4. I would love to visit Russia. I just don't think I would feel safe if I visited the world cup venues in June.

    1. I think you'd be as safe as you would if it was held in the UK, France, Germany, Spain etc..

  5. Russia always seems to be the silly drunken uncle in the world family
    He doesn't do himself any favours

    1. It is not like that. It is just like anywhere else.

    2. If it wasn't for Russian support Syria would've gone the same way as Libya by now. The uninvited parties and their proxies are the ones behaving like drunken uncles. I think I recall main stream media silence when so-called left chemical weapons behind in a building as they fled from one of their strongholds. It's not Russia who is hiding behind terrorist groups posing as freedom fighters.
      Rachel has travelled extensively in Russia and followed the Syrian war closely and tried to educate us on the true nature of events with her maps.
      NATO member Turkey, already disgraced beyond measure, is the current drunken uncle.

    3. Who is is behind this new Cold War against Russia? that's what people like BoJo should be asking.

  6. It beggars belief that BJ said what he said. Does he know no history?

    1. "He was one of the greatest exponents of fake journalism" (Chris Patten) source: (Wikipedia)

  7. On a different subject, well done on the return to hills. I’ve often thought spring marathons are as impressive for the winter training regimes required as the mileage on race day.
    Pop and I did our first 15 miles today. All good. Under 2.5 hours, which I was thrilled with. I will however probably be asleep by 6pm tonight 😆. Do you have any Race plans for 2018 yet?

    1. Thanks and good luck with your training, and Pop too of course. No races planned as yet. Probably do the Wings for Life World Run which is in May and maybe an autumn half marathon somewhere. Other races as and when.
      Perhaps two or three races I haven't done before,maps these are always an attraction.

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